Well done! A very brahminical effort! You can go even deeper with our course on Hindu Philosophy.

A good try but not quite there. Don’t worry it’s a big topic. Fortunately, the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies is here to help. For instance, our course on Hindu Philosophy.

#1. What is a pramana?

#2. How many sutras does the Brahma-sutras have?

#3. What three foundational texts known as the prasthana-traya, form the basis of the Vedanta schools of philosophy?

#4. Which of the following is NOT one of the maha-vakyas, or ‘great sayings’ from the Upanishads?

#5. What are the sad darshanas?

#6. Which of the following was not a teacher of Vedanta?

#7. What do the Sanskrit words aham brahmasmi from the Chandogya Upanishad mean?

#8. Which source of knowledge is given priority in Advaita Vedanta?

#9. What is the best means to escape suffering and gain liberation according to Shankara?

#10. What are the Brahma-sutras (also called the Vedanta sutras)?

#11. What is the literal translation of advaita?