Sanskrit: Level 7

Sanskrit level 7

In Sanskrit Level 7 we will finish Part II of Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga, covering Chapters 13 and 14. We will learn the remaining types of compounds, possessive nouns, present participles, gerundives, and the locative absolute. This will allow us to read from an even wider range of texts, such as the Śivasaṃhitā, the Kaṭha Upaniṣad, and various mantras.

Start Date: 9 October 2022

Flexible study!
Late enrolments open until 1 May

Course Duration: Eight Weeks

Optional Assessment: Weekly Coursework

Tutor: Zoë Slatoff

Course Creator: Zoë Slatoff

49 pages

3hr 47min

Five Zoom sessions on various topics. Meet tutors and students from other courses and explore other areas of Hindu studies. Recordings available.

Pathway(s): Sanskrit