Learning Pathways: Yoga Studies

Discover yoga off the mat!

Yoga has a long and storied history, much of it surprising. Yoga philosophy is one of the great six darshanas or schools of Indian thought. Its history is interwoven with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and has now spawned a global practice. 

Where does yoga come from? Who are its great thinkers? What does modern yoga have to do with older practices? Who is Patanjali and what do his Yoga Sutras have to tell us today? What does the Hatha Pradipika tell us about hatha yoga?

Yoga studies is burgeoning as modern thinkers grasp with ancient texts in a search for meaning. Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies online courses lead the way in bringing this thinking to your practice.

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To learn more about yoga studies and the history and philosophy of yoga from expert tutors simply click on any of the courses on this page to see the course outline and details on how to join.

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