Our newest online Weekend School: New Directions in Yoga Studies


Our newest online Weekend School: New Directions in Yoga Studies

November 19 2020
Yoga Studies as a field has grown exponentially over the past decade. It is largely driven by a yoga community that is looking for trusted sources of information on the...
Nick Sutton Yoga Sutra

Download a free chapter from the Yoga Sutras

October 13 2020
We'd like to share the introduction and first chapter of Dr Sutton's Yoga Sutras.

Sneak Preview: Introduction to Hindu Philosophy

October 6 2020
Here's the first session of our course, Introduction to Hindu Philosophy. This is one of our most special courses. It gives an excellent overview of many of the most important...

Sponsored courses to Indian residents

July 23 2020
Due to the generosity of one of our alumni we were able to offer courses to 17 students at no charge.

Dharma and humanity: A talk by Dr Nick Sutton

July 13 2020
A lecture given by Dr Nick Sutton on 11 July 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaydRGE0tPk
Dr Raj Balkaran

Welcoming our newest team member

June 26 2020
Today we're delighted to announce our newest team member, Dr Raj Balkaran. Raj is at the University of Toronto. He's a teacher of Sanskrit texts and a prolific author.

New courses in the pipeline

June 18 2020
We are working hard at finding brilliant new course developers to create brilliant new courses for you. We try not to talk about new courses until they're ready, but there's...

From Me to We: 23–24 May 2020, Our first online retreat

May 14 2020
Join us on our first ever online retreat. Combining two of our most popular topics – Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy – to help find a way through this challenging time.

Our most popular courses

April 9 2020
Sometimes we need data to help with learning decisions. Here's what your fellow students are learning.

New course: Women in Hinduism

April 2 2020
For production of this course we brought our A-Team: Mandakranta Bose, Jessica Frazier, and Gitte Poulsen.

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