Krishna and Arjuna in the Gita

Oxford Day Schools Return

May 4 2023
Prior to Covid, we routinely held day- and weekend-schools in Oxford. An excellent opportunity for students to meet scholars and each other in a convivial environment. We're delighted to announce that the first of our post-Covid Day Schools will be running on Sunday 4 June at the...
Roots of Modern Yoga

The Roots of Modern Yoga: Free Course Preview

April 18 2023
How did an ascetic approach to renouncing the world become a globalised industry focused on postures? In our newest course – The Roots of Modern Yoga – we explore the development of modern forms of yoga, from traditional texts to contemporary practices. In the process, we highlight...
Roots of Modern Yoga

New Course: The Roots of Modern Yoga

January 9 2023
Our newest course, The Roots of Modern Yoga, is now open for enrolments. This course is developed by Daniel Simpson whom many of you will know as one of our best tutors and the author of The Truth of Yoga: A Comprehensive Guide to Yoga’s History, Texts,...

Zoom Sessions for January Term

December 20 2022
We're been running our Zoom Sessions – open to all enrolled students – for over a year and the response has been very positive. How it Works On-Demand The main video component of our courses is on-demand. This means that students can watch the videos at any...
Vaishnavism course

Two New Courses: Vaishnavism and Colonial Hinduism

September 20 2022
Over the Summer our Course Development Board has worked hard to give us two new courses for the upcoming term: Vaishnavism (by Dr Måns Broo) and Colonial Hinduism by (Dr Amiya Sen). Vaishnavism Vaishnavism is one of the major denominations of Hinduism and has had an enormous...
Guru in Hindu traditions

Guru Online Weekend School

August 18 2022
Enrolments are now open for our newest Online Weekend School – The Guru in Hindu Traditions. The word "guru" is thrown around a lot, often ironically, sometimes for comic effect. This makes it the type of misunderstood topic that our tutors aim to make sense of –...
Prof. Gavin Flood

Welcoming Prof. Gavin Flood to the Team

July 4 2022
In 2008, the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies started teaching online with a single course: Understanding Hindu Identity. By 2016 we'd grown this to seven. We'd discovered that there's a real need for solid, accessible, and unbiased teaching on Hinduism backed up with specially written notes by...
Devi in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Summer School

June 1 2022
The team at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies have produced a Two Week Study programme in Kathmandu. The programme allows students to engage deeply with the traditions, practices, foods, architecture, philosophies, and people of Nepal. All are welcome to apply to the programme. ECTS accreditation can...

Free Talk: Importance of Hindu Studies

November 16 2021
A vital part of our onlinne course program is our regular Zoom sessions. These are available to all students enrolled in a term, but sometimes we get one that's so interesting we have to share it more widely. This term we invited OCHS Director/Founder, Shaunaka Rishi Das,...
New Mahabharata course

Our Newest Course: Mahabharata – India’s Epic

September 5 2021
As many of our longstanding students will know, the Mahabharata is a topic dear to Dr Sutton's heart. For years now he has wanted to bring his nearly five decades of reading, studying, and teaching of this epic text to bear on creating an all new course....

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