From Me to We: 23–24 May 2020, Our first online retreat

May 14 2020

As we look forward to emerging from extended isolation, this weekend (23–24 May 2020) of study and introspection explores how yoga philosophy and Sanskrit can nurture us and our communities.

This weekend combines two of our most popular subjects, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit, with two of our best tutors, Zoë Slatoff and Daniel Simpson. We will read and chant from a variety of texts, and then discuss their relevance to these challenging times.

According to the Bhagavad Gītā and Yoga Sūtra, one goal of yoga is to alleviate suffering. We will consider this in two different but closely related ways: taking care of the self and taking care of the world as a whole.

Day One focuses on individual study (svādhyāya). We then link this to Day Two’s theme of interconnection and community (sangha). We will look at a range of traditional readings on these subjects, examining how self-inquiry can be part of a process of reconnecting more harmoniously with one another.

Things to know

  1. No previous experience in Sanskrit is required.
  2. The entire weekend is hosted on Zoom.
  3. Recordings will be made available to students after the weekend.
  4. The cost is £125 for the weekend or £75 for one day.
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