Introducing Learning Pathways

Learning pathway
March 12 2020

One consequence of the growth in the number of OCHS Online courses has been the temptation to become overwhelmed by choice. 

What courses do I take if I want to be a yoga teacher?

What if I want to become conversant in sacred texts?

How about culture?

In an effort bring focus to your path, we’ve introduced Learning Pathways. 

What are Learning Pathways?

In a nutshell, Learning Pathways help give structure to your studies. They are suggested series of courses to enable you to become proficient in your chosen field.

Do I have to follow a Learning Pathway?

No. They are suggestions, not prescriptions. Please feel free to find your own unique path and take courses in any order.

Below are links to the initial Pathways. Take a look for yourself.


Hindu Traditions


Sacred Texts


Understanding Hinduism

Yogic Studies

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