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April 9 2020

In the past two years we’ve had 2500 enrolments in our courses.

That kind of interest means I get a lot of emails (fortunately, I like getting emails). One of the most frequent emails I get asks “What course should I take?”

Some of you will know that my first response is generally: “Take the course that catches your interest the most at this time“.

But sometimes a little more data is called for. Here’s what your fellow students are learning.

The big winner is Sanskrit. Introduction to Sanskrit gets you started with the alphabet and a bit of grammar, and if you’re already comfortable with that level, you can start at Sanskrit 2. We’re up to level 7 now with more on the way. So you can go a long way towards becoming a Sanskritist!

After Sanskrit, historically our most popular course has been Philosophy of Yoga. A great introduction to the thought that underlies yoga practice expertly tutored by Daniel Simpson. And for those who want to take their exploration further, there is History of Yoga and Hatha Pradipika. These are both quite new but are off to a good start in terms of enrolments.

Then are the stalwarts. Textual courses such as Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas and Upanishads have been with us since we began in 2008 and continue to be popular to this day.

These are the most popular, but for those who like to think different we have courses on Temples and Music and more!

I hope you find a course that suits. If you see any big gaps in our curriculum, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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