Dr Layne Little

Dr Layne Little
Tutor, Course Creator

Layne teaches Hinduism, Buddhism, Esoterism, and Religion and Popular Culture at U.C. Berkeley and at California State University: Sacramento. He wrote the “Hinduism” and “Buddhism” chapters in Oxford University Press’ newest world religions textbook, Invitation to World Religions. He is co-author of OUP’s Invitation to Western Religions and Invitation to Asian Religions. In addition, he has published numerous articles on Śaiva Siddhānta, Tamiḻ Literature, and Siddha Tantrism.

Courses taught

Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita

Hindu Temples - an online course with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Hindu Temples

Hinduism and Popular Religious Art Hinduism and Popular Religious Art

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