Sanskrit: Level 2

Sanskrit: Level 2 - an Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies online course

This course builds upon our Sanskrit: Level 1 course. We further develop our understanding through grammar and by chanting and translating verses from yoga-related texts.

We will study chapters 3 and 4 of Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga. This integrates traditional Indian and Western academic methods of learning.

Over nine weeks we learn masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns in all of their eight cases as well as more verbs and sandhi rules. This allows us to read from texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Hathapradipika, the Sivasamhita, and popular mantras.

Start Date: 15 January 2023

Flexible study!
Late enrolments open until 1 May

Course Duration: Eight Weeks

Optional Assessment: Weekly Coursework

Tutor: Zoë Slatoff

Course Creator: Zoë Slatoff

65 pages

3hr 58min

Five Zoom sessions on various topics. Meet tutors and students from other courses and explore other areas of Hindu studies. Recordings available.

Pathway(s): Sanskrit