Sanskrit: Level 4

Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies online courses

In Level 4 we will study chapters 7 and 8 of Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga. We will finish Part I, learning the future tense, pronouns, and more sandhi rules and then start Part II, beginning to learn nouns ending with simple consonants and the athematic verbal classes, starting with the 2nd and 3rd gaṇas. This will allow us to continue to chant and translate verses from yoga-related texts as well as a couple of verses from the Upaniṣads and a series of verses attributed to Śaṅkarācarya, widening the range of what we can read and understand as we learn new grammar together.

Start Date: 9 October 2022

Course Duration: Eight Weeks

Optional Assessment: Weekly Coursework

Tutor: Zoë Slatoff

Course Creator: Zoë Slatoff

72 pages

5hr 13min

Five Zoom sessions on various topics. Meet tutors and students from other courses and explore other areas of Hindu studies. Recordings available.

Pathway(s): Sanskrit