New courses in the pipeline

June 18 2020
We are working hard at finding brilliant new course developers to create brilliant new courses for you. We try not to talk about new courses until they're ready, but there's so much good stuff in the pipeline that we have to share it.

From Me to We: 23–24 May 2020, Our first online retreat

May 14 2020
Join us on our first ever online retreat. Combining two of our most popular topics – Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy – to help find a way through this challenging time.

Our most popular courses

April 9 2020
Sometimes we need data to help with learning decisions. Here's what your fellow students are learning.

New course: Women in Hinduism

April 2 2020
For production of this course we brought our A-Team: Mandakranta Bose, Jessica Frazier, and Gitte Poulsen.

Lockdown/Covid resources

March 24 2020
For many, this troubled time allows us to find a deeper understanding of our world and its ways. And if that's you, then we'd like to help. Here's how...
Learning pathway

Introducing Learning Pathways

March 12 2020
One consequence of the growth in the number of OCHS Online courses has been the temptation to become overwhelmed by choice.  What courses do I take if I want to be a yoga teacher? What if I want to become conversant in sacred texts? How about culture?...

Weekend School 14–15 March 2020: Rethinking Tantra

February 26 2020
Our newest weekend school covers Tantra, one of the most misunderstood traditions in Hinduism.

Shaivism: A sneak preview of our newest course

January 6 2020
A new year deserves new courses. And this year it's Dr Sutton's newest course: Shaivism. Possibly one of the most misunderstood aspects of Hinduism is the role of Śiva and his followers.  Almost all Hindus show reverence for Śiva. Many see Śiva as the Supreme Deity. Who is Śiva?...
OCHS annual report 2019

OCHS Annual Report 2019

December 19 2019
Apart from online courses, text translations, and weekend schools, what else does the OCHS do? Good question!
Nick Sutton Yoga Sutra

Download a free chapter from the Yoga Sutras

December 5 2019
We'd like to share the introduction and first chapter of Dr Sutton's Yoga Sutras.

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