Our Newest Course: Mahabharata – India’s Epic

New Mahabharata course
September 5 2021

As many of our longstanding students will know, the Mahabharata is a topic dear to Dr Sutton’s heart. For years now he has wanted to bring his nearly five decades of reading, studying, and teaching of this epic text to bear on creating an all new course. And it’s now complete!

Mahabharata is truly a vast work that presents an amazing story with many different strands and subplots as well as extensive passages of religious, philosophical, moral, and practical instruction. In this course you will learn the story and characters of Mahabharata. We will also delve into the role of the divine in worldly matters and explore concepts of dharma.

What sort of text this is? Who wrote it and when? What is it really about and what are its principal roles in the religious, cultural, and social life of India?

This course will replace the “Mahabharata and Ramayana” course, one of our longest-serving and best-loved courses. Ramayana admirers won’t miss out though as Dr Sutton’s next project is a standalone course on that text.

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