Philosophy of Yoga

Philosophy of Yoga 2

Yoga is a popular and well-known practice for millions around the world. It is a tool for meditation as much as exercise and well-being. Yoga has been practiced for at least 2500 years and over this time it has evolved and transformed from earlier traditional practice. Many argue that yoga, if practiced and understood correctly, can lead to liberation.

Understanding the philosophy of yoga can provide students with a deeper appreciation for the ancient practice, how it is performed and the core beliefs attached to it. Yoga has deep roots within Hindu culture and religion, but it also holds significance around the world.

This course is for students wanting to understand the core beliefs and ideals surrounding the ancient practice of yoga and its influence on modern culture as well as Hinduism. This engaging and fascinating course will guide students through the philosophical and theological meanings of yoga. Within this course, students will discover the influence of ancient practices and how they have been developed by teachers to form more contemporary methods of yoga.

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Start Date: 17 July 2022

Course Duration: Seven Weeks

Optional Assessment: Essay

Tutor: Daniel Simpson

Course Creator: Dr Nick Sutton

194 pages

6hr 32 min

Five Zoom sessions on various topics. Meet tutors and students from other courses and explore other areas of Hindu studies. Recordings available.

Pathway(s): Sacred Texts, Yoga Studies